Sunday, December 16, 2012

PomPom Tutorial

First decide what size PomPom you want. Using your hand, like I did, will give you one with a 2" diameter (approx.) depending on how much you spread your fingers. For a smaller version use a serving or dinner fork. Begin by wrapping yarn around your fingers (or fork) between 20-50 times. The bigger your Pom the more times you'll need to wrap. Once you've finished wrapping, cut an extra piece of yarn to tie it all together.

 Slip your extra piece of yarn between your fingers (or fork tines) somewhere around the middle and tie a tight knot. This does take some practice to do alone (using your teeth helps) so making these with a friend may be helpful. :) Once you've cinched the center good and tight, slide the whole thing off your fingers (fork).

 Taking your scissors, simply (and carefully) cut open all the loops you just made. Even thought you've cinched it tightly in the middle, be sure not to pull too hard or your strands will end up uneven. Holding the yarn the way I did in the picture may help!

 This step may not be necessary in smaller Poms or if you are using a poofier (did I just make that word up?) yarn. Basically you're separating the strands of yarn to fill out your PomPom. This is another step to take your time doing. Pulling too hard may pull a strand completely out. Holding on tight to the other side will help with this. 

Repeat the last step on the other side, and then trim up any stragglers to even up all sides of your creation. I also roll the PomPom around between my hands to muss it up and make it even fluffier.

 It's soo FLUFFY!! :)

I've used these guys in garlands, vase fillers, wreath making... so many things. They would be precious in a baby's room, and I bet you could even use them as ornaments. Hope this was helpful, and I'd love to see what you used your PomPoms for!

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