Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Favorite Things Party

This year, my friend Dabney suggested that we host a Favorite Things party as a Christmas gift exchange. It was such a huge hit that we decided this party theme needs to happen more than once a year. :)
I'll start off by explaining how this party works. First, you think of something you love that's under the given price range (our limit was $7). For example, I absolutely love Tyler Canldles...specifically the flavor/scent called Warm Vanilla Oak. You should probably go get one right now it's that amazing. Ok, so once you've thought of your favorite thing you go and buy the allotted number (we asked everyone to bring 4 gifts). At the party each girl gets a turn to describe their favorite thing and then she draws 4 names and those lucky girls get her gift. So everyone leaves with 4 different gifts. Fun right!?
  Because of the holiday our decor was relatively easy. We just added a few snowflakes and some signs to Dabney's already fabulous Christmas decorations. I may have made these snowflakes back in November (don't judge) because I live in a tropical climate and will do pretty much anything to pretend that "the weather outside is frightful." As it should be at this time of year in my very strong opinion. :) Here is a great place to find some simple instructions and patterns to make your own snow. If you like more of a challenge, try these.
 Continuing with the snowflakes we served these cutie cookies. If you like to bake cookies I highly recommend Martha Stewart's Cookies cookbook. Fantastic. As the hostesses, we provided the sweet treats and drinks. Dabney made sure there were plenty of amazing drink options. From spiked cider to egg-nog and coffee, everyone was sure to find something they liked...or in my case 3 or 4 somethings.
 As guests arrived we asked everyone to write their name on 
4 slips of paper and place them in the basket. 
We also designated a table for everyone's gifts. 
It was fun to watch them pile up and made for some very cute pictures.
 As a party favor we gave the girls some homemade soaps in these bags 
which also served to carry home all their goodies in.

 One of my favorite things about this party was that we asked guests to also bring their favorite appetizer with recipe cards to share with everyone. I came home with so many great new things to make and serve at my next dinner party. 
Everyone had such a great time and we can't wait to do it again.

Maybe next time we can make it more specific and do a Favorite Kitchen Things 
....or Summer Things!? 
I can't wait. :)

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